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Shaan B – Tried Many Products Before Clearogen!

I’ve already left a phone message, but, thought I needed to let you know by email, too, just how I feel.

Your product is so absolutely wonderful and EXACTLY the type of skincare I’ve been looking for. I’m not sure what’s in it that makes it so different from other problem-skin creams, except that I KNOW it works beautifully and perfectly on mine. I’ve literally spent MANY THOUSANDS of dollars searching for the right product and had practically given up hope and then I found Clearogen! Of course, after so much disappointment, I didn’t have very high hopes. The first thing I noticed was that it didn’t burn my face at all. So, I figured, great, it can’t be working at all. The other thing I noticed was that I wasn’t getting RED as I ALWAYS do, with almost ANYTHING! Another sign, I thought, that it wasn’t working. So, I didn’t offer it much hope. BUT, after a very short time (I didn’t count the days as I didn’t think I’d have anything to celebrate), but, it was in a short time, my skin started looking so much better! This stuff was actually having some sort of positive effect! And after some months now, it’s still working and I absolutely LOVE the product! My skin is great!

Well, my prayers seem to have been answered and I hope others out there who suffer with resistant skin problems will give Clearogen a try. I always knew that my skin trouble had something to do with some sort of hormones, but, doctor after doctor have told me I was wrong. Nothing they gave me ever helped in the long run.

Even your customer service people were SO GREAT! I did get a defective pump with my first order, but, they were so great in replacing it quickly! I hope that type of service will be consistent, as that makes your products even more attractive. SO! Thanks, again. Keep on doing what you’re doing and come up with more great products! God bless.

Audry P – Female – Problems began at Age 10 – Face, Chest & Back

After using so many products that all promised results, nothing worked for me the way Clearogen has. I started having problems with my skin at age 10 and it continued and actually became worse by age 14. Four months since starting the Clearogen system my skin (face, chest and back) is CLEAR!

I do want to say that I did ask questions and I did use the lotion twice per day at first to get the oil under control. And my dermatologist did prescribe Retin-A Micro which completely removed the hyperpigmentation (dark spots) that was left from the blemishes. It might seem like doing a lot but it was and is all worth it. I love my skin!

Thank you for creating the Clearogen system. I know that I will soon be able to stop using the extra product and only use the Clearogen…..but I will always have the Clearogen because it got to the root of my problem like nothing else

It is too bad that you don’t advertise like Proactiv. Teenagers see the ads about everything else, but nothing about Clearogen. Everyone suffering with this problem needs to hear about this.

Jan S – Wonderful Product and Good Customer Service

I love the product itself and I love the fact that Clearogen ships quickly always….even standard shipping is quick. The coupon provided to take some money off for loyal customers is something I wish everyone did. Overall this is a wonderful product and obviously a wonderful team that ensure good customer satisfaction. Thank you!

Niculae From Romania

This is the best anti-acne treatment ever… I know many anti-acne treatments; I used ProActiv, Retin A, products from L’Oreal Paris, Garnier, Nivea, etc. But all of them failed to work. I started using the Clearogen system. On my second day my skin started to clear up. This product is gorgeous, I love it. I will always use it.

Thank you so much Dr. Khadavi, God bless you.
For all the other people who have acne, Clearogen is the only product that can clear your skin. “Today…tomorrow… and the most important… FOREVER” Thank you!

Wendy S – Female 40 years old (Acne started at 12 years old)

I am a 40-year-old female who has battled severe acne since I was 12 years old. I have tried everything on the market including Accutane. The ONLY product that has worked for me is Clearogen. I highly recommend it. I had no side affects and quick results. I recently ran out of Clearogen and tried some cheap over the counter treatments. I broke out immediately. I have recently enclosed my order for more Clearogen. This is the best acne treatment ever! I have polycystic ovaries, which makes my acne even harder to treat. Clearogen always works for me.

Elizabeth P – Female – Age 28 – Doesn’t need make-up!

It has been working great! My skin improved quite a bit and now I can go to the store without make-up and not be ashamed.

Maureen – Female – Age 23 – Simple to Use

The Clearogen looked like a pretty simple procedure to follow 3 easy steps and the results were amazing

Shari – Female –  Age 18 – Self Esteem Stronger

As a young women feeling like you have clear skin makes your self esteem so much stronger I have a lot of friends that have pimples and they are not very sure of themselves when it comes to boys. I used the product and it made my skin feel clean all day and I did not have to use that much makeup during the time I used the product. I think its pretty cool.

Christine L – Female –  Age 26 – Adult Acne with Sensitive Skin

I never suffered acne as a teen, except for the occasional pimple, but as an adult my face has small breakouts with redness which I learned is mild acne with rosacea. I have very sensitive skin and have tried many over the counter products as well as some prescription products. They either left my skin very irritated, dry, or in overall worse condition. Clearogen was introduced to me by Dr. Khadavi a few months ago. I was very skeptical to even try the product knowing how sensitive my skin is. I kept the product under my bathroom sick for several weeks. One day I was looking at my face in the mirror, upset of all the small bumps and redness that I finally decided to give Clearogen a try. To my surprise the cleansing foam left my skin feeling fresh and smooth after just one wash. I applied the toner and the same thing happened. I applied the acne lotion to the areas where the bumps were visible and continued this regimen for a week. The redness (rosacea) is fading as well as the acne bumps and on top of it all my skin feels smooth, feels fresh and with out any irritation! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am with the results. Clearogen actually works, thanks for a fantastic product!

Margaret –  Age: 36 – Cystic Acne – Less Flare-ups

I discovered Clearogen just surfing the net sometime in May 2006. I received the product within 2 weeks of ordering. I started getting cystic acne about 4 years ago and it subsided 2 years later. Even when it subsided…my face was never clear…an acne here there, a pimple here there etc…Of course I have scars on my face from the horrible acne. This is something I hope to correct with laser in the future.

Within the first week of use of Clearogen…my acne and pimples calmed down…then my face seemed smoother. Now to date…my face isn’t perfectly clear but it isn’t as active with flare ups. It is honestly the only product that I’ve used for my acne that works and I’ve tried almost everything!

William – Male Age 31 – Occasional Breakouts

I have tried many different acne products because of the occasional pimple that pops up or the dreaded out break, after a night of parting .I was skeptical because none of them worked in the past. I was given Clearogen and although I did not have any pimples during the time I used the product, it did feel different then any other product I have used. I felt like my skin was cleaner and looked better once I applied the lotion and toner I would definitely use the product if it would prevent future out breaks .

Rick Male – Age 34 – Environmental Influences

I suffer from acne because of the environment that I work in cooking with a lot of oil and heat make my acne worse than it is. I starting using the Clearogen cleanser and it immediately made my skin less oily. I was able to use the product for 1 week and I noticed a clear difference with continued use of the product I believe that I would have greater results with continued use.

Angelica A – Female –  Age 36 – Cleared acne without drying her skin


Bought for daughter who wanted to get off Acutance, which worked, but she was afraid of side effects. Acne returned. Has been using Clearogen products for several months. They have cleared up the acne without drying her skin. She looks great!

My friend gave me a set of Clearogen to use since I have tried every medication and skin care product for my acne. My last resort was to take Accutane. This has been the only product that has worked! I have spent thousands on peels, microderm abrasion, and skin care products. And nothing worked. I even did Levulan twice with no real results. Clearogen helped without any burning, redness or downtime unlike most of the products or procedures I have done.

You have an unbelievable product! Especially for women!