Clearogen Clinical Study (Sulphur Trials)

In a multi-center 8 week, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised clinical trial, Clearogen was compared to Sulphur 3% in effectiveness.

Clearogen significantly outperformed Sulphur 3% by reducing both inflammatory and non-inflammatory problem skin lesions.
Clearogen resulted in a significant reduction in signs of irritation (erythema), indicating effectiveness without skin irritation.
Clearogen decreased sebum production confirming its ability to reduce DHT, the root cause of problem skin.
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Clearogen DHT Study

The ability of Clearogen Anti-Blemish  Lotion to reduce DHT production in skin was tested by Bio-Alternatives, on Reconstructed Human Epidermis (Living Human Skin) in a laboratory setting.

Clearogen Anti-Blemish Lotion reduced the transformation of Testosterone to DHT significantly (49%).
Clearogen prevented transformation of Testosterone and DHT into other metabolites.
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