What makes Clearogen unique?

Clinical testing has shown that with proper use, Clearogen’s blemish control treatment system safely and effectively reduces existing spots, and will prevent chronic breakouts. Clearogen starts working from day one, by stopping DHT production, and normalising skin oil production. It also gets to work clearing existing spots right away. Restore your skin’s clarity, for the long term, in just a few weeks, with Clearogen’s  easy to use 3 step solution for clear skin.


A natural formulation which provides a clinically tested topical solution.
Proper use results in effective,Clearogen’s blemish control treatment within 60 days.
Safely and effectively reduces existing spots and redness
Clearogen, prevents chronic breakouts and starts working from day one.
Stops the production of the problem skin hormone DHT.
Daily use stops the production of oily skin.
Clearogen actively eliminates acne causing bacteria.

Within 30 days: Existing blemishes and spots begin to disappear and new lesions stop forming. Skin becomes less oily and healthier.

Within 45-60 days: Significant improvement can be noticed at this stage.

Once the desired results are achieved, continue with step 1 and 3 for maintenance and reduce use of step 2 to once or twice a week. Please contact us at consultmyskin@clearogen.co.za for professional guidance on your unique skincare needs.